Monday, October 28, 2013

In the News: How Earl Monroe Inspired Bruiser Flint

Bruiser Flint was a last minute addition to the Sport For Social Change Conference. Dr. Eric Zillmer was sifting through the athletic department looking for a coach to speak with him on the topic of athletes giving back to the community. At about 8:30 p.m. the night before the conference, SMTSU officers got word that Flint would be joining Dr. Zillmer.

Flint did not disappoint either. He spoke candidly about how NBA legend Earl Monroe inspired his basketball dream. SMTSU President and Drexel editor for wrote about Flint's experiences for the website.

Here is an excerpt from the full story on Philahoops:

While Monroe was tearing through the NBA and wowing fans night after night, Flint was growing up in that same southwest Philadelphia neighborhood trying to find his way. Flint was a talented basketball player but it never occurred to him that basketball could be the way out.

One day, Monroe came back to the neighborhood to talk to a group of students about having a dream and finding a way out. A young Flint sat among the students that listened intently to The Pearl’s wisdom. It was a moment that changed Flint’s life. Monroe had made it out with basketball and so could Flint.

That day, a dream was born.

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