Wednesday, November 6, 2013

In The News: Sports Unbiased Covers #S4SC

Zach Cintron is a Drexel Sport Management student and a contributor to the Drexel SMTSU's blog, The Sports Complex. He also contributes to Sports Unbiased where he covered the day's action at the Sport For Social Change Conference on Oct. 25. 

Zach's two-part series about the event can be seen at Sports Unbiased (Part One & Part Two). 

Here is a short excerpt from part two of his series which focuses on the presentation from Eli Wolff on the topic of inclusion in sport:

At two years old Eli Wolff had a stroke, but that didn’t keep him from being a player on the Brown University Varsity soccer team. Eli also went on to compete for the U.S. National team in the 1996 and 2004 Paralympic Games.
Wolff opened his presentation with a story about how his elementary school gym teacher wouldn’t allow him to participate in using the pull-up bar like the other kids. Eli replied (Editor’s Note: words bleeped for this article) “&^$% you! ^%&^ you I can do this!” which isn’t the language a elementary student should be using. After a talk with the principal, Eli prevailed and showed he could be just like all the other children. Eli said disabled athletes want to achieve what they want regardless of their disability.
Read Zach's full recap of Wolff's presentation HERE.

To view Eli Wolff's presentation in full, click HERE

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